Thursday, June 21, 2012

Teachers should use Hi tech Teaching equipments to teach.

It’s an age of science & technology. In recent times, developments in teaching aids have reached a zenith’s height. Projectors, especially the High End LED Digital projectors have enhanced the teaching phenomenon a lot. It has been found that, the students like to see something extraordinary & you can’t rely on traditional teaching with so called Chalk-duster based teaching. Corporal Punishment has been banned. Teachers have become more friendly. Atmosphere has become more competitive. Teacher should give the best to the learners. Already, many schools have started ‘Smart Classes’. It’s time for all to adopt Hi-Tech teaching aids to assist students in learning.
Seeing is believing. So, if you see something, you can remember it for lifetime. If you show something relating to the lesson you are teaching, it will definitely work on tender minds.
I am using it and feeling the benefits. Let my students be the BEST.