Tuesday, December 18, 2012

CBSE to introduce On Screen marking from next session

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) decided to introduce on-screen marking of answer sheets for classes tenth and twelfth in the coming sessions .
This will help a great deal in the evaluation process and minimize the scope for errors. The board also plans to bring in the digital system in two phases.
The first phase that will start in March 2013 with class tenth answer sheets , is likely to shoot up as many as three lakhs in number.
As class tenth board examinations are optional , the number of answer sheets to be handled in the first set would be much lesser than the total work load.
The digitization will kick start in March 2013 with Class X answer-sheets. The answer-sheets will be scanned and later put on screen for the examiners , who will later use the concerned software.
How does OMS work?
The answer script is scanned and uploaded on the server of four-five schools that have been identified as evaluation centres by the CBSE.
Each examiner for English (core) will be given a unique user ID and password, with which he/she can access only those answer scripts allotted to him/her for evaluation.
An examiner will visit an evaluation centre, where he/she will be given a PC on which they can access their designated answer booklets with their user ID.
Examiners will evaluate their answer booklet on the computer screen and enter the corresponding marks in a separate window.
At the end of evaluation, the software will point out if the examiner has forgotten to evaluate any answer. The software will calculate the total marks.
Each examiner is expected to evaluate 20-25 answer booklets in one day.
What are the Benefits?
There is no totalling error as marks are calculated by the software. There is no scope of any answer remaining unevaluated in the booklet as the software will point out if the examiner has omitted an answer by mistake. In the manual process, wrong marks can be entered at the time of transferring total marks from the answer booklet to the award list. With OMS, errors at this level are eliminated. Since each answer booklet has a unique serial number, the OMS software can enable easy retrieval of the answer script.